Michelle Robinson-Carter is a cinematographer, digital editor, director, and producer. She received her BA at Cal State University, San Bernardino in Communications with an emphasis in Media Production. She has been involved in the film and television industry for over 20 years. For 12 years she worked with the City of San Bernardino Telecommunications Department as a director, producer, studio and field cameraperson, analog and digital editor, lighting and set designer. Michelle has freelanced as both cameraperson and editor for projects ranging from commercials to music videos. Michelle is Co-Founder and a general partner in Midian Films. Currently she is working with high school students as one of the Executive Directors/Co-Founders of the Cinema Du Cannes Project.

For years now, Michelle's entrepreneurial spirit has tugged at her heart strings to follow her passion of telling the stories that mean the most to her. With the founding of RockFocusMedia and Kianga Films, she has finally answered the call.

RackFocusMedia is the commercial arm of her film company, focusing on short and feature films, as well as both Web and broadcast advertisements.

Kianga Films, on the other hand, is dedicated to art of documentary story telling.